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Two African children in a village near Kalahari desert, the sister feeding her brother in the outdoor kitchen

Advancing the rights of girls and women promotes justice and is also effective climate action

How climate change amplifies inequities and existing vulnerabilities for women, girls and gender-diverse people

Muslim family having dried dates as a snack.

How to stay healthy during Ramadan fasting

Tips for maintaining energy, meal prep and managing medications while fasting

Professors Heidi Janz (left) and Michelle Stack in Bremen, Germany in September 2023 where they held a workshop on ableism.

Dos and don’ts to help tackle ableism

Tips for those unsure of saying or doing the right thing to challenge ableism

Black and white portrait of a black female musician singing.

How Black women have used their voices to resist oppression

Exploring the evolution of Black women’s voices, from blues to Beyoncé

Pins and threads in the shape of a a human head.

The roots of the North American opioid crisis, and 3 key strategies for stopping it

Why we need to treat substance-use disorders as a public health crisis and stop an international spread

A screenshot from Anders als die Andern (Different from the Others) movie - Paul Körner hugging his younger lover.

The enduring appeal of a century-old German film about queer love

Generations of viewers recognize the long struggle for queer liberation

Photo of Azim Shariff on stage at TED

Why humans respect hard work regardless of results

UBC social psychologist Dr. Azim Shariff analyzes hard work

An image of a bearded man holding a phone that is focused on looking at a clone of himself in a dark room

AI clones made from user data pose uncanny risks

It’s imperative to recognize the implications of AI clone technologies

Purchasing at self-service checkout in supermarket

Meet the shoppers who don’t want friendly customer service

When buying products like condoms or menstrual pads, people want robotic interactions, a UBC Sauder School of Business study finds

Lady justice on digital background

Will AI revolutionize the legal profession? The jury is still out

AI could change how people access legal services and the approach to legal aid

An illustration of a hand holding scissors cutting a day off the work week

Could AI help bring about the four-day workweek?

Increasing productivity could lead to layoffs or a better quality of life for all

A young woman leaning on a railing next to Vancouver's False Creek

Why is it so hard to make friends in Vancouver?

Here’s how the community could help newcomers find a sense of belonging

Is AI coming for white-collar jobs? A psychology professor finds out the hard way

You might be surprised by what AI can do, possibly better than you

Raising arms with social media likes icons

Online activism isn’t just slacktivism

How social media advocacy can lead to positive, real-life change

Taking pictures of young woman raising her fist up with phones

From women’s rights to climate action: How ordinary people can help change the world

Supporting change in your own sphere of influence is just one way to make a difference.

A photo of a young couple at a kitchen table looking at a phone with a surprised look on their faces

Surprise, you’re married! What BC couples need to know about common-law spouse entitlements

The length of time partners must live together to be considered “common law” may surprise you—and it’s different in BC and federal law.

A collage shown a driver, a cell phone, and a delivery worker

What is the difference between the gig economy and the platform economy?

Gig work is much broader than Uber drivers and food-delivery workers

A gig economy delivery worker coming out from a cell phone supported by a finger

Working in the gig economy? What you don’t know might hurt you

Gig workers must balance the risks and benefits as employment law starts to catch up

Toilet bowl in the restroom. Dramatic lighting.

Drug overdoses in public bathrooms are common: here’s how we could prevent harm

Communities can save lives by incorporating safe bathroom practices and raising awareness about overdose

An illustration showing a woman sitting being offered a helping hand

How drug decriminalization in BC could help save lives

This Q&A with a UBC addictions expert answers some key questions about the decriminalization of illegal drugs in BC

A photo of a young woman's hands using social media on an tablet

How girls are using social media for positive change

The online world has real dangers, but girls are using social media to create positive change and practice good digital citizenship.

A pink piggy bank with bandaids on dark background

A guaranteed basic income could end poverty, so why isn’t it happening?

Two UBC experts explain how a guaranteed basic income in Canada can be fair, simple and affordable.

What is the impact of the Roe vs Wade draft decision? A ‘cruel and devastating blow’ for women, UBC Allard law experts say

Here’s what it could mean for reproductive rights in the US and the security of women’s access to abortion in Canada

Photo of Tamra Levy from the UBC Allard School of Law

Wrongfully convicted? New trial ordered for 1995 Gerald Klassen murder case

Director of the UBC Innocence Project explains what this means for Klassen and how his case highlights problems with the legal system

Spray painted graphic of Vladimir Putin with Ukrainian colours superimposed over his face

Could Vladimir Putin be ousted over his Ukraine invasion?

The Russian president may be reluctant to give up power

Photo of a young woman reading the book Maus with a colourful background with a plant and a cat clock over her shoulder

Banning ‘Maus’ only exposes the significance of this searing graphic novel about the Holocaust

More readers will see Art Spiegelman’s graphic art as an essential text in Holocaust education

Young black woman holding a conversation with peers next to a window with ideas posted on notes

How racism holds Black women back from leadership positions

A new UBC study finds that stereotypes put Black women at a serious disadvantage in the workplace

Woman in red dress holding cocktail and man in blue suit holding a mask at masquerade party surrounded by lights

Holiday romantic comedies and their borderline illegal behaviours

A UBC doctoral law candidate looks at how holiday movies portray non-consensual behaviour as acceptable

Photo of a football on a dark background with moisture surrounding it

The fault in our stars: Aaron Rodgers reminds us why celebrity shouldn’t trump science

Celebrities can amplify dangerous and disproven myths about the COVID-19 vaccine, says UBC’s Dr. Eric Cadesky

The doctor won’t see you now: Why access to care is in critical condition

More support for doctors will increase access to timely health care for Canadians

Recognizing the signs of an opioid overdose

Knowing what to look for and how to use a take-home naloxone kit can save a life, says the Executive Director of the BC Centre on Substance Use

Orange shirts with the phrase "Every Child Matters" printed on them line Marine Drive in Vancouver as a memorial for the Indigenous children who were sent to Residential Schools in Canada.

6 ways to deepen your understanding of Indian residential school history

Here’s how to learn more on National Day for Truth and Reconciliation, the same date as Orange Shirt Day

Children's shoes and a painted orange rock that reads "Every Child Matters" site at a memorial at Canada's Parliament Hill for Indigenous children who were sent to Residential Schools

Truth before reconciliation: 8 ways to identify and confront Residential School denialism

Denialism obscures the truth about Canada’s Indian Residential School system in ways that protect the status quo

A detail of the Renaissance oil painting "The Bacchanal of the Andrians" by Titian that shows several people consuming alcohol

The taste for intoxicants

UBC’s Dr. Edward Slingerland explores the mystery of alcohol’s age-old allure

A 1948 photo of the All American Girls Professional Baseball League members performing calisthenics

Revealing the long but hidden history of queer women in sport

A UBC sociologist explains why we need more stories to open up the conversation around queer women in sport

A photo illustration of several neon "Open" signs alight in the dark to signify re-opening of society after COVID-19

Re-entry anxiety: How to adjust to a new, uncertain routine

As the pandemic eases and society opens up, UBC clinical psychologist Dr. Lynn Alden offers tips to help you cope

Red dresses are seen hanging on trees to commemorate missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls outside the City Hall in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, on May 5, 2021. May 5 is the National Day of Awareness for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls in Canada, also known as Red Dress Day.

Two years after the MMIWG report, targeted work must move urgently ahead

Urgent and purposeful attention is needed to respond to the appalling reality of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls (MMIWG)

A trail between large trees in Pacific Spirt Park, an urban forest in Vancouver

How cities can avoid “green gentrification” and make urban forests accessible

UBC’s Dr. Lorien Nesbitt explains how urban trees and parks are unfairly distributed, and the nature experience is not equal for everyone

An illustration showing what one can say as an active witness during a racist attack. Phrases like "Are you okay?" and "You're not alone" appear.

Racist incidents are on the rise: How to be an active witness

From stepping in to help the victim to reporting the incident, you have more options than you might think

A man holds a #StopAsianHate sign at a large rally

As Asian Canadian scholars, we must #StopAsianHate by fighting all forms of racism

Exploring the structural roots of anti-Asian racism in Canada and the road ahead

An illustration showing life after the COVID-19 vaccine, including children visiting with grandparents and a plane leaving for a vacation destination

Life after COVID-19 vaccination

Vaccine researcher Anna Blakney answers questions about travel and transmission after vaccination

Two women laugh together at an office

Women feel better when they work with other women

Equitable and gender-friendly work environments reduce unpleasant feelings for women

8 tips to communicate better while wearing a face mask

Strategies such as exaggerating eye expressions can help us better understand one another

Kip, UBC's resident coyote, walks through snow

Kip the coyote calls UBC Vancouver campus home

Learn how to safely co-exist with UBC’s resident coyote and other coyotes in urban environments

A black family with a mother, father and three daughters sit beside one another on the porch.

To understand BC’s Black history, connect past and present in Canada

BC’s Black community is unique amid the Black population in Canada and Canadians have a collective knowledge gap about its history

An illustration of two people choosing a new career and personal financial path

Small change. Big difference. How to advance your career and financial life in 2021

Here’s how experts say that you can move forward

A person listens to UBC talks on his headphones

6 talks to feed your mind and soul

These UBC-hosted talks shed light on everything from social justice to romantic relationships

Young adults unfairly blamed for COVID-19 spread

Young adults, unfairly blamed for COVID-19 spread, now face stress and uncertain futures

Stigma leads to social, health and economic distress

"The Daddies", an acrylic painting by Cree artist Kent Monkman, gives an Indigenous view of Canada's Confederation

How art can help with Indigenous reconciliation

Artist Kent Monkman, now showing at UBC’s Museum of Anthropology, is changing the way people see Canadian history

A library bookmobile in an empty alley

Making the most of neglected urban spaces

You might be surprised at how people could transform pockets of city land

Environmental human rights illustration showing a young girl among leaves

Why all human rights depend on a healthy environment

Environmental degradation threatens our human rights, including the rights to life, health and food

Youth climate movements connected through social networks

What lies ahead for Fridays for Future and the youth climate movement

The pandemic interrupted climate justice protests, but the youth climate movement is adapting

Illustration showing how trade practices can lead to acute medical supply shortages during COVID-19

Why trade restrictions must be eliminated during COVID-19’s second wave

These restrictions could ultimately undermine the fight against COVID-19

UBC Cinnamon Buns

How to make UBC cinnamon buns at home

Taste the baking that connects generations of UBC students

Poet Claudia Rankine talks about race, Blackness and art at UBC

Claudia Rankine explores race and racism in the arts

Poet Claudia Rankine discusses the role of art in society