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Insight on today's issues

Big issues like climate change and social justice can feel overwhelming to tackle. The first step? Understanding. UBC experts help navigate the issues with ideas on how to shape a better world.

Close-up of a Xylopa (Carpenter Bee or lonely Bee) foraging sweet pea flowers

Where the wild bees are—and aren’t—impacts food supply

How the public can help protect wild bees and preserve biodiversity

A padlock with a fingerprint scanner on a blue digital background.

What is Indigenous data sovereignty and why does it matter?

Control over data related to Residential Schools and more is crucial to truth and reconciliation in Canada

How technology can help reduce food waste

Eco-friendly food packaging and innovative food processing can help make our food last longer

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Actions for change

What can you do to make life better for yourself, your community and beyond? Learn how to harness the latest advances in health, science and technology, business and more.

Helicopter fighting British Columbia forest fires during a hot sunny summer day.

The wildfire season has started—here’s what we need to know in 2024

What individuals, businesses and communities can do to reduce their wildfire risk

Muslim family having dried dates as a snack.

How to stay healthy during Ramadan fasting

Tips for maintaining energy, meal prep and managing medications while fasting

Professors Heidi Janz (left) and Michelle Stack in Bremen, Germany in September 2023 where they held a workshop on ableism.

Dos and don’ts to help tackle ableism

Tips for those unsure of saying or doing the right thing to challenge ableism

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