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Big issues like climate change and social justice can feel overwhelming to tackle. The first step? Understanding. UBC experts help navigate the issues with ideas on how to shape a better world.

A collage showing a scientific illustration of DNA, the results of genome sequencing and a person working in a genomics lab

In a nutshell: What is genomics?

UBC Faculty of Medicine associate professors explain the study of genes

An illustration showing birds and windows that they could potentially fly into

In a nutshell: Why do birds fly into windows?

A staggering 16 to 42 million birds die each year in Canada as a result of building window collisions. UBC architect Penny Martyn explains why

An illustration of a white elephant crushing a house with people under it, while a Canadian flag sits broken on the ground. This symbolizes how white supremacy and racism is damaging people.

The white elephant in the room: anti-Asian racism in Canada

UBC’s Dr. Henry Yu explains how blindness to white supremacy perpetuates anti-Asian racism in Canada

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What can you do to make life better for yourself, your community and beyond? Learn how to harness the latest advances in health, science and technology, business and more.

Smoke from wildfires descends on Vancouver

10 tips for coping with wildfire smoke, from a public health expert

Protect yourself from the risks of hazardous wildfire smoke

A photo illustration of several neon "Open" signs alight in the dark to signify re-opening of society after COVID-19

Re-entry anxiety: How to adjust to a new, uncertain routine

As the pandemic eases and society opens up, UBC clinical psychologist Dr. Lynn Alden offers tips to help you cope

A photo illustration depicting a bird about to fly into a window

Three easy ways to reduce bird collisions at home

Windows crashes are much more common than you might think, but there is plenty you can do to help

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More than just a place, UBC is a community of people. Find out about innovative methods of teaching and learning, pivotal moments in UBC history and how to make those famous cinnamon buns.

Kip, UBC's resident coyote, walks through snow

Kip the coyote calls UBC Vancouver campus home

Learn how to safely co-exist with UBC’s resident coyote and other coyotes in urban environments

A person listens to UBC talks on his headphones

6 talks to feed your mind and soul

These UBC-hosted talks shed light on everything from social justice to romantic relationships

Musqueam artist Brent Sparrow with the bronze cast of his artwork on the UBC Vancouver campus

Artist marks a central Musqueam gathering place at UBC transit hub

Musqueam artist Brent Sparrow’s ʔəlqsən (Point Grey) installation welcomes commuters to this significant point of land

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