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Dr. Suzanne Simard looks up at a green hologram of a tree while she places her hand on its trunk. UBC student Eva Snyder kneels down next to a lantern, inspecting the trunk with a magnifying glass. Hanno Southam and Dr. Teresa Ryan are standing to the right facing each other inspecting a small tree branch.
UBC researchers are moving forward, driving progress on critical issues such as clean energy and health-care challenges. Here, a team of UBC researchers led by Dr. Suzanne Simard (far left) is harnessing the power of forests to fight climate change.

At the University of British Columbia, we’re moving society forward by finding solutions to some of the world’s greatest challenges.

With vision, ambition, the right people and the right resources, we’re proving that anything is possible.

If you have the drive to shape a better world, UBC will support you in realizing your greatest potential.

Forward happens here is the brand campaign for the University of British Columbia. Together, people at UBC are driving positive change in health care, clean energy, sustainable forest practices and more. Read the stories below to find out how.

Forward happens here stories

Three people in white lab coats and a person in a pink shirt working in a stylized lab with chevron backdrops.

Living drugs could be a game changer in fighting immune-based diseases

Next-generation batteries power a more sustainable future

Bringing Indigenous ways of knowing into mental health supports

Using drone deliveries to enhance health care in rural, remote and Indigenous communities

Harnessing the power of forests to fight climate change

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FORWARD is the campaign for UBC.

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