Republishing guidelines

We encourage the sharing of information, and our original articles are published under a Creative Commons — Attribution/No derivatives license. You can republish original articles on Beyond for free, provided you follow these guidelines:

Republishing guidelines for original articles

  • Do credit authors and UBC, ideally in the byline.
  • Do credit Beyond, and include a link back the article URL when republishing online. This link can be at the start or end of the article.
  • Don’t edit the original material, except to reflect relative changes in time, location or house editorial style. If you wish to make other edits, you will need approval prior to publication. Please contact UBC Brand and Marketing if you wish to make edits (please categorize your query under “General Questions”).
  • Do use your own images. You are free to use your own images when republishing articles.
  • Don’t republish Beyond images without prior permission. Many images on Beyond have licenses or agreements that restrict republishing, and we ask that you don’t use any images without contacting us first. We encourage you to use your own images. If you would like to use a specific image from an article, please contact UBC Brand and Marketing before proceeding (please categorize your query under “General Questions”). In cases where permission is granted, you must include a credit to the photographer or illustrator.
  • Do let us know that the article has been republished. Please send a link to your article to UBC Brand and Marketing under “Feedback”.
  • Don’t sell our material separately.
  • Don’t systematically republish all of our articles.

Special republishing cases

  • Articles from other sources: Some of the articles on Beyond are from other sources, including The Conversation and other UBC websites. You can find these sources at the end of each article. If you wish to republish one of these articles, please go to the original source and follow their republishing guidelines.
  • Extracts: Extracts of our articles are permitted. Please run the first few sentences or paragraphs of the article and then state: “Read the full article on Beyond” with a link back to the article.
  • Print: You do not need to include links when republishing in print.  

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