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Photo illustration of an aerial view of cars that are powered by green hydrogen on a highway.

Why green hydrogen — but not grey — could help solve climate change

Green hydrogen could allow us to drive for 1,000 kilometres on a single tank of fuel without any emissions

A doctor and a senior patient look at the patient's personalized genomic sequencing results on a tablet in a doctors office

How genomics is changing health care

DNA sequencing is creating a new age of health and medicine that is more personalized and targeted than ever before

A collage showing a scientific illustration of DNA, the results of genome sequencing and a person working in a genomics lab

In a nutshell: What is genomics?

UBC Faculty of Medicine associate professors explain the study of genes

Photo illustration of fire coming out of a wine glass to illustrate smoky tasting wine

Up in smoke: How wildfires are tainting grapes and threatening the wine industry

A chemistry professor at UBC Okanagan explains why wildfire smoke poses a massive threat to BC’s wine industry

A photo illustration depicting a bird about to fly into a window

Three easy ways to reduce bird collisions at home

Windows crashes are much more common than you might think, but there is plenty you can do to help

An illustration showing birds and windows that they could potentially fly into

In a nutshell: Why do birds fly into windows?

A staggering 16 to 42 million birds die each year in Canada as a result of building window collisions. UBC architect Penny Martyn explains why

Illustration showing how pollination works with insects, and how it leads to fruit and vegetables

In a nutshell: How fruits and vegetables have sex

What exactly is pollination? UBC’s Dr. Claire Kremen breaks it down

An illustration showing how insect biodiversity affects the foods we eat

With biodiversity under siege, even blueberries and chocolate could be at risk

When pollinators like native bees are threatened, so is the abundance and diversity of foods we eat

A medical professional gives a COVID-19 vaccination to a senior

In a nutshell: Protection provided by COVID-19 vaccination

UBC vaccine expert Anna Blakney addresses the effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccines and choosing among them

Illustration showing population groups that are not yet approved for the COVID-19 vaccine, including children and pregnant women

In a nutshell: COVID-19 vaccinations, pregnancy and kids

A UBC vaccine expert explains why there’s no vaccine for these groups yet

A medical professional gives a COVID-19 vaccine to an adult

In a nutshell: How vaccines work

UBC vaccine expert Anna Blakney explains how vaccines work and what to consider when deciding whether to get vaccinated

A photo illustration of the mental health toll that the pandemic is taking on individuals

Weighing the pandemic’s psychological toll

Worldwide survey seeks input on everyone’s mental health

An illustration showing COVID-19 mutations and variants

Why new COVID-19 variants are on the rise and spreading around the world

Viruses often change, and some mutations are more alarming than others

UBC astrophysicist Gary Hinshaw is exploring the universe with a new telescope, CHIME

Why questioning the universe matters to life on Earth

Attempts to answer the eternal questions have led to economically beneficial spin-offs, such as Wi-Fi

Student and a professor discuss an augmented reality app about the Syrian civil war during a UBC geography class

Beyond gaming: augmented reality app teaches empathy

App allows UBC students to walk through the experiences of Syrian refugees

Dr. Claudia Krebs shows the human brain in a UBC neuroanatomy video

You don’t have to be a neuroscientist to understand your brain

UBC neuroanatomy professor created YouTube videos to make medical education more accessible