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Malindi Elmore in a yellow tank top and black shorts running on a track

Why the 2024 Paris Olympics are pivotal for gender equity in amateur and recreational sports

Olympic and Paralympic initiatives can help advance sports at lower levels—but there’s more to be done

Asian people protest on the street against racism - Group of multiracial demonstrators from different asian countries fight for equal rights.

Anti-racism starts with knowing history

By learning about how racism happens and its effects, people can intervene when they witness it

Two African children in a village near Kalahari desert, the sister feeding her brother in the outdoor kitchen

Advancing the rights of girls and women promotes justice and is also effective climate action

How climate change amplifies inequities and existing vulnerabilities for women, girls and gender-diverse people

A padlock with a fingerprint scanner on a blue digital background.

What is Indigenous data sovereignty and why does it matter?

Control over data related to Residential Schools and more is crucial to truth and reconciliation in Canada

Professors Heidi Janz (left) and Michelle Stack in Bremen, Germany in September 2023 where they held a workshop on ableism.

Dos and don’ts to help tackle ableism

Tips for those unsure of saying or doing the right thing to challenge ableism

Black and white portrait of a black female musician singing.

How Black women have used their voices to resist oppression

Exploring the evolution of Black women’s voices, from blues to Beyoncé

Young black business woman looking away and contemplation at work

Smashing the ‘concrete ceiling’: Black women are still missing from corporate leadership

Here’s what corporate Canada needs to do to become more equitable and inclusive

A photo of the Canadian women’s soccer team celebrating their victory against Ireland during their Group B match at FIFA Women’s World Cup in Perth, Australia, 2023.

The FIFA Women’s World Cup is closing its gap with the men’s tournament

Despite its relatively short history, the tournament has made significant strides

A collage of historical images

What was the Chinese Exclusion Act in Canada? 3 things you might not know

The 1923 Chinese Immigration Act banned Chinese immigration to Canada for 24 years

Composite image of people looking unhappy: two people in business suits, a person wearing an apron at a coffee shop and a person in bed with their hand on their forehead

What are microaggressions?

Here are examples of how microaggressions show up in everyday interactions, including in the workplace and health-care settings

Slices of photographed faces

What’s the big deal? Here’s why microaggressions matter

Microaggressions reinforce power structures and actually harm our health

A woman wearing a mask in the driver's seat looking at a cell phone.

Delay and deflect: How women gig workers respond to sexual harassment

The design of apps allows delivery drivers to be harassed with impunity

A photo of a young woman's hands using social media on an tablet

How girls are using social media for positive change

The online world has real dangers, but girls are using social media to create positive change and practice good digital citizenship.

Young man in striped shirt in bookstore holding book and reading

As publishing becomes more varied and diverse, challenges remain for writers of colour

Silvia Moreno-Garcia interviews author Nalo Hopkinson on finding allies and empowering diverse voices

Photo of a young woman reading the book Maus with a colourful background with a plant and a cat clock over her shoulder

Banning ‘Maus’ only exposes the significance of this searing graphic novel about the Holocaust

More readers will see Art Spiegelman’s graphic art as an essential text in Holocaust education

Young black woman holding a conversation with peers next to a window with ideas posted on notes

How racism holds Black women back from leadership positions

A new UBC study finds that stereotypes put Black women at a serious disadvantage in the workplace

A 1948 photo of the All American Girls Professional Baseball League members performing calisthenics

Revealing the long but hidden history of queer women in sport

A UBC sociologist explains why we need more stories to open up the conversation around queer women in sport

An illustration of a white elephant crushing a house with people under it, while a Canadian flag sits broken on the ground. This symbolizes how white supremacy and racism is damaging people.

The white elephant in the room: anti-Asian racism in Canada

UBC’s Dr. Henry Yu explains how blindness to white supremacy perpetuates anti-Asian racism in Canada

An illustration showing what one can say as an active witness during a racist attack. Phrases like "Are you okay?" and "You're not alone" appear.

Racist incidents are on the rise: How to be an active witness

From stepping in to help the victim to reporting the incident, you have more options than you might think

A man holds a #StopAsianHate sign at a large rally

As Asian Canadian scholars, we must #StopAsianHate by fighting all forms of racism

Exploring the structural roots of anti-Asian racism in Canada and the road ahead

Two men embrace in a bed

Why some straight men have sex with other men

UBC’s Dr. Tony Silva explains why sexual identities don’t always match with sexual behaviours

Two women laugh together at an office

Women feel better when they work with other women

Equitable and gender-friendly work environments reduce unpleasant feelings for women

8 tips to communicate better while wearing a face mask

Strategies such as exaggerating eye expressions can help us better understand one another

A group of people holds anti-racism signs at a Black Lives Matter protest

How to be a mindful anti-racist

A mindfulness practice may offer respite and a way to support desire for social justice action

A black family with a mother, father and three daughters sit beside one another on the porch.

To understand BC’s Black history, connect past and present in Canada

The demographics of Black people in the British Columbia population are unique to the rest of Canada

Environmental human rights illustration showing a young girl among leaves

Why all human rights depend on a healthy environment

Environmental degradation threatens our human rights, including the rights to life, health and food

Illustration of a young man having a conversation with a senior woman

Neighbourhood watch: How to help active seniors combat isolation

Community members and organizations can help older adults connect online during the COVID-19 pandemic

Poet Claudia Rankine talks about race, Blackness and art at UBC

Claudia Rankine explores race and racism in the arts

Poet Claudia Rankine discusses the role of art in society