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Young female runner warming up before running at morning forest trail

Is it safe to exercise in extreme heat and smoky skies?

How to assess conditions and adapt your exercise routine to wildfire smoke and heat

Cheerful young woman on the beach applies sunscreen on her shoulder

How to choose the right sunscreen this summer

Learn common sunscreen myths and how to choose the right sunscreen year-round

Children play football outdoor

Keep outdoor play spaces cool: the best trees, shrubs and plants for shade

How to build sun-safe and creative outdoor play environments

Doctor in a white coat browsing the 'It's My Choice' website.

UBC student develops website to help Canadians choose the right type of abortion

Tool aims to help Canadians identify the abortion option that best fits their values and circumstances

5 tips for staying cool at home without air conditioning

How to cool down with fans and more when you don’t have AC in your home

A historic snapshot of Coqualeetza Hospital, which is operated by Indian Health Services and the Department of National Health and Welfare.

What were Indian Hospitals in Canada? 3 things you might not know

Like Residential Schools, Indian Hospitals were created as a method to segregate, isolate and control Indigenous people in Canada

Helicopter fighting British Columbia forest fires during a hot sunny summer day.

The wildfire season has started—here’s what we need to know in 2024

What individuals, businesses and communities can do to reduce their wildfire risk

Farming our way to a future more resilient to climate change

Farmers do more than produce food—sustainable farming practices can help fight climate change

Muslim family having dried dates as a snack.

How to stay healthy during Ramadan fasting

Tips for maintaining energy, meal prep and managing medications while fasting

Professors Heidi Janz (left) and Michelle Stack in Bremen, Germany in September 2023 where they held a workshop on ableism.

Dos and don’ts to help tackle ableism

Tips for those unsure of saying or doing the right thing to challenge ableism

A robot in a retirement home with a happy old woman.

How AI social robots could support people living with dementia and their care providers

Artificial intelligence could help personalize care at home and in long-term settings

A weekly pill organizer with several happy pills arranged around it.

New genetic testing could tell you which antidepressant works best for you

Pharmacogenomic testing could help find effective treatment for depression faster

A man is smiling and holding a spoon full of bugs.

Bug protein powder smoothies? Cricket flour muffins? Why it’s time to consider eating more insects

Insects could be the meat of the future and a sustainable alternative protein

Different foods on forks

How can you start eating healthier? This diet calculator quiz can help

Assess your eating habits and learn how to reduce your chance of developing a chronic disease

Pins and threads in the shape of a a human head.

The roots of the North American opioid crisis, and 3 key strategies for stopping it

Why we need to treat substance-use disorders as a public health crisis and stop an international spread

An illustrated photo of new variants of the Omicron virus.

New variants, new vaccines: what to know about COVID-19 for fall 2023

Learn when you should get the new vaccine, whether you can combine it with a flu shot, and more

A photo of steam rising from smokestacks in a rural sunset sky.

Tips for how to cope with climate anxiety

These steps can help you move from eco-anxiety to positive action

An image of a man looking at the sky through sunglasses.

Protect your eyes from harmful UV rays this summer

Learn which sunglasses to choose and how to understand the UV Index

A baby boy eating blend food on a high chair

How to introduce food allergens to babies: peanut allergies and more

Learn the latest recommendations and strategies for safely introducing common allergens, including peanuts, to babies

Closeup shot of a man tying shoelaces in outdoors

Heads up guys! How to create daily habits and routines to manage your mental health

Making healthy habits sustainable can help to fight depression

Young man in a dark room with his head back on a sofa

When relationships break down, men are at risk of mental illness

A UBC study confirms that when men transition out of relationships they are at increased risk of mental illness

Toilet bowl in the restroom. Dramatic lighting.

Drug overdoses in public bathrooms are common: here’s how we could prevent harm

Communities can save lives by incorporating safe bathroom practices and raising awareness about overdose

Composite image of people looking unhappy: two people in business suits, a person wearing an apron at a coffee shop and a person in bed with their hand on their forehead

What are microaggressions?

Here are examples of how microaggressions show up in everyday interactions, including in the workplace and health-care settings

Slices of photographed faces

What’s the big deal? Here’s why microaggressions matter

Microaggressions reinforce power structures and actually harm our health

Three people in white lab coats and a person in a pink shirt working in a stylized lab with chevron backdrops.

Living drugs could be a game changer in fighting immune-based diseases

Cell-based therapies could transform the way we treat everything from Type 1 diabetes to multiple sclerosis

Using drone deliveries to enhance health care in rural, remote and Indigenous communities

A UBC partnership could make health care more accessible to isolated communities across Canada

A close-up photo of a mosquito biting someone's finger

How to repel mosquitoes and avoid bites

Tips on the best mosquito repellents and more from a UBC Department of Zoology expert

An illustration showing a woman sitting being offered a helping hand

How drug decriminalization in BC could help save lives

This Q&A with a UBC addictions expert answers some key questions about the decriminalization of illegal drugs in BC

What is the impact of the Roe vs Wade draft decision? A ‘cruel and devastating blow’ for women, UBC Allard law experts say

Here’s what it could mean for reproductive rights in the US and the security of women’s access to abortion in Canada

A person's hand holding rice grains to show world hunger

‘Too many people, not enough food’ isn’t the cause of world hunger and food insecurity

Inequity and armed conflict play a large role in world hunger

Photo of smoke from a forest fire near Pearchland British Columbia Canada

Why protecting air quality in BC matters to your health — not just during wildfire season

Vancouver has some of the best air quality in the world. Here’s why we need to fight for it.

A collection of images depicting what effects affect air quality

What exactly is air quality, and what affects it in BC?

Learn about air pollution sources and how weather and location affect air quality in BC

Is it time to move on from Wordle? How crossword puzzles can help train your brain

Trying a variety of puzzles can help keep you mentally sharp

Conversations about consent need to start early, and parents need to get comfortable with it

Teaching children about boundaries can help shift our culture around interpersonal trauma

Woman in striped shirt and tights exercising on yoga mat while looking at tablet.

How to get motivated to start exercising at home

App-based workouts can help combat depression and boost mental health. Here are 7 tips to get moving

The doctor won’t see you now: Why access to care is in critical condition

More support for doctors will increase access to timely health care for Canadians

Smoke stack

COP26: Strong carbon-trading rules could help the world avoid dangerous levels of global warming

An international emissions-trading system being discussed at COP26 could bring an end to the production of coal-fired electricity

Recognizing the signs of an opioid overdose

Knowing what to look for and how to use a take-home naloxone kit can save a life, says the Executive Director of the BC Centre on Substance Use

People gathered in discussion about mental health.

Why addressing stigma around substance use matters

UBC experts say we need to normalize the conversation, as we’ve done with other health conditions

A doctor and a senior patient look at the patient's personalized genomic sequencing results on a tablet in a doctors office

How genomics is changing health care

Genomic sequencing is creating a new age of health and medicine that is more personalized and targeted than ever before

Smoke from wildfires descends on Vancouver

10 tips for coping with wildfire smoke, from a public health expert

Protect yourself from the risks of hazardous wildfire smoke

A person does an exercise workout by using water bottles as weights

How to work “exercise snacks” into your day

Research shows that “fitness snacking” adds up and even small bites of exercise are good for you