Why our imaginations are the key to solving climate change

Photo of Dr. Simon Donner on stage at Ted X
UBC Geography professor Dr. Simon Donner on the TEDx stage.

Envisioning a different future can help us overcome inaction on climate change, says UBC Geography professor Dr. Simon Donner

In the following TEDx Surrey talk, UBC interdisciplinary climate scientist Dr. Simon Donner explains why we need to have the courage to imagine a different future. Being unable or unwilling to see the world in a different way has led to denial and inaction, but we can chart a new path forward.

Dr. Donner is a lead author on the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s recent Sixth Assessment Report and is a member of the Canada’s Net-Zero Advisory Body, which advises the federal government on pathways to eliminating climate-warming emissions. He is one of 10 UBC delegates attending the COP27 climate conference in November 2022.

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