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Insight on today's issues

Big issues like climate change and social justice can feel overwhelming to tackle. The first step? Understanding. UBC experts help navigate the issues with ideas on how to shape a better world.

Net benefit of basic income by country.

Basic income could solve global poverty and stop environmental destruction, study finds

Providing a basic income could boost global GDP while acting to curb environmental degradation

Western Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly in a garden

The mystery of the missing butterflies in Vancouver

Here’s what may have happened to all the butterflies, and what we can do to help

New construction of high-rise building in downtown Vancouver

Designing more earthquake-resistant buildings

More resilient buildings help people get back in their homes faster after an earthquake

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Actions for change

What can you do to make life better for yourself, your community and beyond? Learn how to harness the latest advances in health, science and technology, business and more.

Cheering crowd at a rock concert

How to protect your hearing at summer concerts

How to tell if a concert is too loud and whether you should wear earplugs

Young female runner warming up before running at morning forest trail

Is it safe to exercise in extreme heat and smoky skies?

How to assess conditions and adapt your exercise routine to wildfire smoke and heat

Cheerful young woman on the beach applies sunscreen on her shoulder

How to choose the right sunscreen this summer

Learn common sunscreen myths and how to choose the right sunscreen year-round

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