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Insight on today's issues

Big issues like climate change and social justice can feel overwhelming to tackle. The first step? Understanding. UBC experts help navigate the issues with ideas on how to shape a better world.

Asian people protest on the street against racism - Group of multiracial demonstrators from different asian countries fight for equal rights.

Anti-racism starts with knowing history

By Shirley Chau It’s often said that history repeats itself, and racism between citizens and nations is no exception. Threaded throughout human history, including the relatively brief history of Canada, are strands of racism; thicker at some times and thinner at others, but ever present. However, according to Dr. Shirley Chau, an Associate Professor at UBC Okanagan’s School […]

Silhouettes of a girl group basking in the radiant pink light.

Global auditions are changing the ‘K’ in K-pop

K-pop’s definition is dynamic and increasingly inclusive, reflecting the changing tastes and demographics of its global audience. It is evolving beyond its Korean roots, integrating Canadian talent into its worldwide narrative.

Two African children in a village near Kalahari desert, the sister feeding her brother in the outdoor kitchen

Advancing the rights of girls and women promotes justice and is also effective climate action

How climate change amplifies inequities and existing vulnerabilities for women, girls and gender-diverse people

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Actions for change

What can you do to make life better for yourself, your community and beyond? Learn how to harness the latest advances in health, science and technology, business and more.

5 tips for staying cool at home without air conditioning

How to cool down with fans and more when you don’t have AC in your home

On the ground lies a watering can, a hoe and gloves.

Top tips for gardening in a drought

By Alex Walls UBC Botanical Garden associate director Dr. Tara Moreau provides top tips for gardening in a dry season and describes what gardens might look like in a climate-changed future. With B.C. in the middle of a multi-year drought, and another dry summer likely on the way, green-thumbed residents may be wondering how best […]

Helicopter fighting British Columbia forest fires during a hot sunny summer day.

The wildfire season has started—here’s what we need to know in 2024

What individuals, businesses and communities can do to reduce their wildfire risk

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