More than just a place, UBC is a community of people. Find out about innovative methods of teaching and learning, pivotal moments in UBC history and how to make those famous cinnamon buns.

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Kip, UBC's resident coyote, walks through snow

Kip the coyote calls UBC Vancouver campus home

Learn how to safely co-exist with UBC’s resident coyote and other coyotes in urban environments

Musqueam artist Brent Sparrow with the bronze cast of his artwork on the UBC Vancouver campus

Artist marks a central Musqueam gathering place at UBC transit hub

Musqueam artist Brent Sparrow’s ʔəlqsən (Point Grey) installation welcomes commuters to this significant point of land

UBC Cinnamon Buns

How to make UBC cinnamon buns at home

Taste the baking that connects generations of UBC students

Student and a professor discuss an augmented reality app about the Syrian civil war during a UBC geography class

Beyond gaming: augmented reality app teaches empathy

App allows UBC students to walk through the experiences of Syrian refugees

UBC students taking part in officer training in 1916 during World War I

Remembering UBC’s student soldiers on November 11

By the end of the First World War, 697 UBC students had seen active military service

The exterior of the Museum of Anthropology

Perched on a cliff, this corner of UBC was once a bastion of defence

This corner of land played an important role in Musqueam defence and was later used for protection during the First and Second World Wars